Frequently Asked Questions


We use Linux, Debian 8 to be precise. It's stable, robust, and resource management is ideal for what we do for you

Currently, our servers are located in Germany, Falkenstein. We found this location to be ideal for both the UK market, and the EU market, however we are planning to move back into the UK at some point specifically for the UK market

We offer support on discord through our ticket bot as its log able. Our Discord server has staff as well as the community who will help as much as they can if we aren't able to get to you quicker, or you can make a support ticket on your client area.

Discord Invite

All positions are voluntary, meaning that you will not be paid in a wage, however we do offer staff benefits. If you are interested, you can use the link below to apply and we will get back to you if a position opens up.

Apply Here

We cannot see your password, you can request to change your password on the login page. We can change your Web-hosting password and Game-panel password and give you the newly randomly generated password, but we strongly advise that you change it immediately.

We do not allow this, there are sub user options available in both the game panel and billing panel so that we know who we are talking to, and so you are safe from someone cancelling your service or having your support limited for breaching security or being unacceptable in support.

If you believe this is to be the case, please get in contact with us as soon as possible, all account actions are logged for security purposes in case you have a falling out with someone or someone manages to get access to your account.

We cannot delete your account or old services as the transactions are needed for billing purposes as well as for future reference if you ever decide to come back to us.

We do not offer full server development for any of our game servers, the only support we offer is simple bug fixing and basic help with how to install game-modes and add-ons. Asking for us to setup ULX ranks or jobs is not something we do, but we can fix nearly anything you have a error with.

The mass majority of cases that come in for lag reports are down to addons from the server or the workshop. We look at the console after a server restart and see what errors pop up and can advice you on what to fix, remove, or add to stop the errors which can help reduce the lag if not fix it completely.

We do not allow the use of leaked add-ons. It goes against our Terms and Conditions which you agree to upon purchase of your service. You can read these here:

Terms and Conditions

We do not have a automatic system in place for backups, however all of our services do have a backup system in place in which you can use.

Our name servers for domains are as followed:

These can take anywhere from a minute to 72 hours to take effect depending on your registra

We use softaculous for easy installs for a large range of website software, including MyBB, SMF, Drupal and Wordpress!

We currently do not offer Domains, so all websites require a domain prior to purchase. We can offer subdomains from


Absolutely anything, within the legal spectrum. You can host your own shop, forums, personal website, or even just a site for memes!

We do, it is the only payment method we accept currently. You can setup a subscription for your monthly payment so you never miss a payment, but if you do cancel your service, be sure to cancel your subscription as well.

Currently no, our best advice would to ask someone close to you which could make the payments for you, for example a parent or guardian, or someone who is starting your project with you.

Our refund policy is stated in our Terms and Conditions. We offer a 7 day refund policy, however support given is subject to this. This means that if within 7 days have given you a large amount of support, from fixing add-ons to on the rare occasion nearly building the entire server, you would not be eligible for a refund. If a fault is found on the server from our end within the 7 days we will fix it, but if you still want a refund then we can sort something out, but this is again subject to support given.

You can pay credit into your account for the server where it will then be used to pay the next invoice due, or upon purchase, you can select to pay every 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months if you so desire.

Support Requests

We no longer offer Live Chat, but instead you can use the following for support.

Support Ticket

You can make a support ticket on your billing panel and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Make a Ticket


You can join our discord and make a support ticket or ask the community! This is usually faster than a support ticket on your billing panel.