Polar Servers started back in late September of 2016, founded by James and Jorim. Having both used multiple hosting companies in the past, we knew what works and what doesn't work, from software to hardware, as well as how to give quality support to customers to come with it. We also knew we wanted to set a price that both worked for our outgoings; but was also one that is as low as possible to be ideal for anyone wanting to start in Garry’s Mod, or move from other hosting companies, without skimping on quality.


After only a few months open we quickly realised we needed more power so invested in another high-end machine, to take on more customers without our quality being affected. We also introduced Rust Servers which became rather popular. By now, our support team had an excellent understanding of the servers we offered, so our responses to customers matched that. Towards the end of 2017, we also introduced our own web-hosting, at very cheap rates and some of the best allowances on the market. This became very popular, as our model of charging near cost-price while still offering the quality you’d expect appealed to a lot of community owners.


In 2018 we moved our servers from the UK to Germany, as we found most of our clients were from Europe, so a more central European location would benefit them. We found a dedicated host that offered powerful servers at a decent value so as to not cost more for the end customer, whilst also having unstoppable DDoS protection. With the move, we were able to lower our prices to become one of the cheapest hosts on Hostpicker, which brought in many clients which gave us the revenue to increase many aspects for clients on both web-hosting and game servers. With this, our performance was increased, and our support was expanded; meaning everything was going perfectly.


With the success we have had, we are planned to expand back in the UK to better our clients in the UK with a smaller ping than the Germany servers. We also bought out a new website, custom designed by James with many contributions from our COO and CVO. We aim to become even better than ever before, without compromising anything we have worked to get so far. And most of all, we aim to make your experience better than it’s ever been before, whether you're a new client, an old client, or a returning one. The team at Polar Servers all hope you’ve enjoyed your experience so far, and we hope to be around for many more years to come. We thank you for taking our trip with us and are excited for what’s to come.

Polar Servers

Welcome to Polar Servers! We aim to be the best, one of the cheapest and the no.1 hosting company. Powerful machines, amazing support, and lightning fast panels, there's nothing that could go wrong! Join us today and become one with the Polar!