Scheduled Maintance

Hello Everyone,

We are scheduling in a full system restart on all our servers for the 01/06/2018 at 12:00AM BST

We expect this process to last about an hour at most, but hopefully less.

Polar Servers Management,

Posted by:
James Aitchison - Director

London Upgrades!

On 22/08/2017, at 12:00PM BST, we will be swapping the Disk Drives to increase our storage space. We will begin moving over all BASIC servers today [21/08/2017) over onto our Bristol Server so your services data will not be lost. Your Server IP and Port will be temporarily changed during this process, and once the drives have been swapped and ...

Recent Downtime

Hello everyone,As you may known already from the emails, steamgroup and twitter account, we have done a reinstall on the London Server.This reinstall has given us A LOT more space.The only draw back is out billing database has been setback a week or so, so some of you may have missing services or missing logins.If you happen to be one of these ...

New Design!

Hello Everyone! Look here! We got a new design for the website and client area! We spent a good few days getting this right and it looks pretty good right? Here’s some updates alongside the new look though! We are increased the slot price for all servers by 2p, so now basic servers are 25p a slot, and high end are 27p a slot. We have ...

Servers being move back to the first server

Hey everyone, Sorry for the hassle, but we are moving the basic servers back over onto our first box temporarily James forgot to RAID the SDD's so we lost a lot of HDD space. We are beginning to move the servers back over now and will hopefully have them sorted and back on the 2nd server in the next 12 hours at the most! Thanks, Polar ...

TCAdmin Back up!

Hello Everyone! With great pleasure we can announce that TCAdmin is back up and running with all your servers! You should have got an email with your username and password over the cause of the day. If you are still having troubles logging in, please don't hesitate to contact us! The only thing you will need to do once you have logged in, is ...

TCAdmin Downtime

Hello Everyone, I'm sorry about the TCadmin being down, I have spent hours at it from the moment it went down trying to fix the issue, but to no luck. I have requested assistance from TCAdmin directly, and they should have it fixed within the next 24 hours. I do apologise for the downtime, but there isn't anything we can do till the creator ...

Recent TeamSpeak Issues

Due to an issue with funding, our TeamSpeak liscence was revoked. Due to this, Polar will no longer be offering TeamSpeak hosting for the forseeable future.
Existing TeamSpeak hosting customers will be refunded into your accounts.

Harry Aitchison

New Games!

Hello Everyone! Today we have finally added two new games to the billing area! We have added both Rust and Ark Survival! These games are both survival based games, where you and your friends can collect items, create a base, defend against others, or attack others and raid their bases! Both games are on basic and high end packages via slot ...

Recent Downtime & Updates

Hello there everybody! As you may have noticed we had some downtime yesterday, this was due to our webhost moving their servers to a new datacentre which we had no control over. As frustrating as it was we are now looking at moving the website to another host, if not hosting it ourselves. In a more happy note! We have upgraded our servers CPU to ...