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Industry-Leading Defence Solutions

Arbor Networks is a global leader in network security. The company’s technology is deployed in 70 per cent of service provider networks globally, including 90 per cent of tier one operators.

Arbor is an expert in providing defence and mitigation solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes so they remain secure from whatever threats they face. As the IT landscape evolves, so too do Arbor Networks’ products, ensuring that its clients are always fully protected.

Detect & Mitigate Against DDoS & Advanced Threats

One of the growing threats companies face today is distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which bombard networks with so many requests that it cannot cope, meaning that services are interrupted indefinitely. Arbor is a specialist at enabling organisations to spot and defend against the threat of a DDoS attack.

Whatever the type of attack, Arbor provides security solutions that enable the user to quickly identify and eradicate threats. These solutions have been built up through work with the world’s largest and most demanding network operators, giving Arbor a unique perspective of risk mitigation across an entire network, rather than catering solutions to just one particular attack or threat.

To aid in the challenge of threat mitigation, Arbor has integrated the ATLAS intelligence feed into its solutions – this enables it to detect and stop dynamic threats such as botnets. A collaborative project with information coming from hundreds of companies, ATLAS gives Arbor incredible knowledge of how the IT threat landscape is changing, ensuring it stays one step ahead of attackers.

Corero SmartWall®

The Truth About DDoS

The perception of DDoS is typically based on very large attacks that grab the headlines, after taking down a high-profile target with immense volumes of junk traffic. These attacks are rare, with maybe only one or two occurring globally in any single year. The rarity of these largest attacks can lead to a sense that DDoS is not so much of an issue for most organizations.However when viewed through the lens of a real-time, always-on, DDoS protection system, the picture is in fact, very different - attacks are actually happening on a daily basis, at scale and across the globe. In reality, the vast majority of DDoS attacks are small (less than one gigabit per second) and short (less than ten minutes in duration). Only one or two percent are classed as large.Without dedicated always-on DDoS protection in place these daily attacks, which impact business continuity and result in slow applications and failed services, can get attributed to some other IT issue. When in fact, they are preventable.

SmartWall® Real-Time DDoS Protection

Corero SmartWall® leads the industry with real-time, automatic, protection that keeps DDoS attacks at bay, without any of the downtime associated with other solutions. SmartWall uses a patented, innovative and automated, multi-stage detection and mitigation pipeline to ensure the highest possible efficacy. Protection is achieved while maintaining line-rate performance, to ensure legitimate traffic is not impacted by damaging false-positives, or a significant increase in latency.Unlike other DDoS protection solutions, which rely on header-based 5-tuple flow information, SmartWall’s Deep Packet Inspection looks into every bit of the packet header, plus the first 128-bytes of the payload, to deliver the most advanced DDoS attack detection, with surgical mitigation.

About Corero Network Security

Corero Network SecurityCorero is the leader in real-time, high-performance, automatic DDoS defense solutions. Enterprises, Service Providers, Hosting & Co-Location Providers, Edge Providers and the MSSP/MSP’s across the globe increasingly rely on Corero’s award winning DDoS solutions. Our SmartWall solutions are the highest performing and most accurate in the industry, delivering the most automatic coverage, at scale, with the lowest total cost of ownership.

This, industry leading technology delivers scalable protection capabilities against DDoS attacks in the most complex environments, without the downtime associated with other solutions, while enabling a more cost-effective economic model than previously available.

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