How to use FTP

In this article we will explain how to use FTP on the TCAdmin Panel, as well as through a FTP Client (FileZilla in this case).

Step One:
Download the FileZilla Client (Filezilla Download) & Install
Step Two:
Login using the credentials provided when you receive when you purchased your server with us, which was sent via EMail. You can either make a site with the top right button which lets you connect in one click, or use the Quickconnect bar, and it's drop-down menu to reconnect.
Step Three:
Navigate to where you need to upload your file's too (in this case we will use ULX and uLib, so go to "garrysmod/addons")
Step Four: Upload your files to your server
Step Five: Restart your server
Step Six: Done!

Editing files is just 3 clicks with FileZilla!

Step One: Find the file you want to edit
Step Two: Right Click on the file, and click View/Edit
Step Three: Edit the file as needed then save
Step Four: Wait for a notification on FileZilla to pop up and click yes to confirm the changes
Step Five: Restart the Server
Step Six: Done!
(Video Tutorials Coming Soon)
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