How to install MyBB


  • Basic understand of SQL
  • Basic understanding of FileZilla


  • FileZilla client.
  • "Basic", "advanced", "professional" or "unlimited" web server.
  • cPanel login information.

Step 1. Create a "MySQL Database":
Navigate to cPanel and login using your login information relative to your web server you are installing MyBB on and navigate to the "DATABASES" tab. Click on "MySQL Databases". Fill in your desired database name (Reminder, all databases will have a prefix; accountname_) and proceed to click "Create Database". Upon database creation, you will recieve an alert such as "Added the database “accountname_databaseName".



Step 2. Assigning a MySQL user:
On the same page, create a MySQL user using the form "MySQL users :: Add New User". Assign the newly created user to the database we created in step 1. Give the user all privileges.

Step 3. Download MyBB files:
Download the latest release of MyBB. (Can be found @ After the download is complete, extract the zipped file. Navigate to the "Upload" folder extracted.

Step 4. Connect to your server with FileZilla:
Open FileZilla and input your Host (input domain name, e.g, input your username (input cPanel username), input your password (input cPanel password) and input port 22. You can use an alternative FTP Account if it has read and write rights to /www/. 


Step 5.
 Navigate to /www/ and upload files:

Inside FileZilla navigate to the "/www/" directory, it could be named as "/public_html/". Drag the contents of "Upload" from the extracted zip into "/www/" .


Step 6. Setting up MyBB:

Go to your browser and visit your domain/install. For example, if my website name was "" I would visit "". You are on the MyBB Installer web page, click "Next" twice, check if all of the text is green, this means you have whats required to install, if so click "Next". Select your database engine as "MySQL improved", select your database server hostname as "localhost", select your database name as the name of the database we created in Step 1 (including the prefix). Select your database username and password as the MySQL account username and password we created in Step 2. Click "Next" until you reach "Board Configuration".



Step 7. Board Configuration and Administrator Account Details:


Fillout all of your desired details for the "Board Configuration" stage. Repeat for the "Administrator Account Details" stage. (Note your Administrator Account Details, they won't be repeated.)


Step 8. Completed.

Your forum is now complete, MyBB has been fully set up. You can login using your administrator account created in Step 7.

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