How to set up FastDL

FastDL handles textures and other content for non-workshop addons, such as HUDs or Menus.
With Polar Servers, once your files are in place this should be 1-Click setup

Setting Up
  1. First, load up FTP for the easiest setup. You can also do this with file manager but it will be a bit harder.
  2. Navigate to /garrysmod/addons on your server
  3. Starting from the top to the bottom, open each addon and download any folders called "materials", "models", "particles", "resource" or "sound". Sometimes, you may find these inside a folder called "content".
    Download these to a single folder on your pc, merging them all into only one "materials", one "models" etc folder. It should end up looking like this:
    FastDL Downloads Example
    Don't worry if you are missing any of these folders, that just means that none of your addons needed them to be added to FastDL!
  4. Reupload these folders to the /garrysmod folder of your server, so materials ends up in garrysmod/materials etc

That's it for setting up! You shouldn't have to add any code to add these files to FastDL, since the addons they came with should already have done that. Now you just need to sync it to your server!

FastDL Syncing

  1. Visit your server's control panel at
  2. Click the "Fast Downloads Sync" button, seen here:
    Fast Downloads Sync Button

You're done! Restart your server and people joining will automatically download the FastDL items.
If you have any problems, feel free to ask for help on live chat! The most common problem is accidentally removing the sv_downloadurl form your server.cfg in Configuration Files, which can be found on your control panel under the heading Fast Downloads, above your Start, Stop, Restart buttons.
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