How to Create a Workshop Collection, and a workshop.lua/resource.lua

In this article, we will explain how to set up a Steam Workshop Collection, link it to your server, and download the textures on clients.
This will remove missing textures from your clients for textures on Steam Workshop. To begin, you must be subscribed to each item that you want for the server, or atleast one for others to be added later.

Creating a Workshop Collection:
  1. In the Steam Client, in the Community drop-down menu, select Workshop
  2. Enter the Garry's Mod Workshop, by search, then in the Browse drop-down menu select Collections
  3. On the right hand side, select Create Collection
  4. Enter a title for the collection, grab a square image for its icon that is at least 195x195 pixels.
  5. Leave "Items that Work Together" selected, and select ServerContent from the categories beneath, then press Save and Continue
  6. From Subscribed Items select one or more items that you need for your server, then press Save and Continue, then Publish
If you need to add more items in the future, or have more items that you weren't subscribed to to add:
  1. Visit the Steam Workshop page for the addon you would like to add
  2. Under the image slideshow for the addon, press Add to Collection
  3. Tick the collection you would like to add it to, then press OK. It is added!

Link to your server:
  1. Visit . For the Domain box, enter any domain, it doesn't change anything. Examples include or your server's website. With your auth key, visit TCAdmin. On your server's control panel, click Commandline Manager. Click Custom Commandlines at the top, then the New button under that. Tick Steam Authentication Key, and paste in your auth key. Tick Server Configuration File, leaving in server.cfg. Tick Startup Gamemode and enter the gamemode tag you are using, e.g. sandbox, darkrp, prophunt, jailbreak. Tick the Startup Map box, and enter your map name, without the BSP. Don't press save yet, leave this page open for now.
  2. Visit your new collection on the Steam Client, on the dropdown of your name on the Steam Client, press Content. Click Collections in the top, and enter the collection. Right Click anywhere on the page and click Copy Page URL.
  3. Paste this into Notepad. Copy just the numbers at the end to your clipboard (E.g. becomes 140550510)
  4. Go back to the Custom Commandlines window you left open. Tick Steam Collection ID and enter the numbers from the last step, (E.g. 140550510)
  5. Enter a name for the Custom Commandline in the Description box (E.g. Main, Default, it can be anything), then press Save
  6. In the next screen, press Select in the row of the new commandline, the text should go bold.

Download Textures for Clients:
  1. Grab the Collection ID number from before (E.g. 140550510)
  2. Visit and enter this number in the Collection ID, then click off it
  3. Wait for it to generate, then copy all of these resource.AddWorkshop lines to your clipboard, and nothing else.
  4. Visit your TCAdmin control panel for your server. Enter the File Manager. 
  5. Enter "/garrysmod/lua/autorun/server" and press New File in the top. 
  6. Create a new file called workshop.lua . Inside it, paste all the resource.AddWorkshop lines from before. It should look something like this:
  7. Press Save then restart the server. You will have to remake this file each time you add a new item to the workshop after this!
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