Rust: how to install Oxide plugins

In this guide, we'll be going over the installation of Oxide plugins. This guide assumes you have downloaded your Oxide plugins from the Oxide website, that Oxide has been installed, and that the server has been started at least once with Oxide being installed.

The process of installing plugins is as follows:
Step 1: Log into the PolarPanel.
Step 2: Open the File Manager and navigate to the following directory: \oxide\plugins\ >. If this is not present, uninstall and re-install Oxide via the Mod Manager and start the server for it to be generated.
Step 3: Upload your plugin file to this directory via the Upload button at the top left of the file manager window.
Step 4: Restart the server.
Step 5: You're all set! :)

*Note: We cannot and will not offer any guarantees that Oxide plugins will function as expected, nor can we offer support when it comes to their functionality or the effects that they may have on the Rust server, nor will we be held liable for any performance issues which are directly at the fault of these plugins or the Oxide system as a whole.
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