How to create your own email

In this article we will explain how to create an e-mail account on your web server using cPanel. This article assumes you have a "basic", "advanced", "professional" or "unlimited" web server and you are aware of your cPanel login information.

Step 1. Identify and navigate to your web hosting service:
Once your web server is ready to manage, navigate to "home". There you will find the "Services" drop down box, select "My Services". Click on your desired web hosting service, this will take you to web server's client area.

Step 2. Navigate to "Quick Shortcuts" and access "email accounts":
Inside your web server's "Product Details" tab your server's information will be displayed along with a "Quick Shortcuts" box. Click the "Email Accounts" box, this will redirect you to cPanel (You should find yourself already logged in, if not login to cPanel and find the "Email Accounts" section).


Step 3. Create your Email Account:
You should see the "Add Email Account" form. Input your desired Email name, password and Mailbox Quota. Using the "generate" function to create a password is highly reccomended. Be sure to use a variety of special characters and have your password at least 16 digits if using the generator, otherwise be sure to add special characters regardless. With a minimum of 16 digits and a variety of special characters, you can be safe in the knowledge your password is safe. Your "Mailbox Quota" is the maximum amount of data your user can handle. If your Mailbox Quota is reached, the account will no longer be able to recieve emails. 1024 MB is reccomended.

Step 5. Access your new email account:
Your email account has been created, to access the account visit polarservers's webmail and login with the details you created. You can share the new Email Account details with the owner, the creation of the account is complete.

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